Vendors needed for our Open House May 20

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$75 off Camp, ends May 20

Many Horses for adoption. Lease to own options & payment plans.

Unsung Heroes

We want to help without any pressure or consequences whether you have a PTSD diagnosis, physical disability or just need a way to vent before it becomes a problem. The program is great for Veterans with PTSD, MST, TBI’s and also physical special needs, or just need a break from military life. Working with the horses allows you to work on strength training, hand eye coordination and confidence building in a nontraditional environment  with no judgement .

Our program is unique in that it is free & we take active military, there families and veterans, We keep it confidential we want everyone to feel that they come and not feel judged.

Each lesson is taught by A War Veteran, Meghan Williamson, to provide a safe and unique environment for each  Rider. This allows the Veterans or active military to be able to talk about military experiences and transitioning to civilian life to someone who has had similar experiences.

We are not defined by our many scars,but by what we do after the wounds close

We provide veterans the chance to make peace with their past and replace devastating memories with positive ones