927 Laurel Hill Rd.

​Mt. Bethel, PA 18343

(610) 674-0159

Come enjoy a wonderful trail ride.
​ Get a 15 minute intro in the ring of how to steer and stop so you can feel in control and not just thrown on a horse with no idea what to do, Then 45 minutes on the trails. We have safe kind horses that will teach you to enjoy, rather then be nervous.  Ages 7+
Trail Rides

Come enjoy  beautiful scenery, each season bring new views.

Come See the abundance of wildlife, trees and enjoy

all nature  has to offer on top of a horse​

Great for couples, a group of friends or a romantic proposal they will never forget! 
​This includes brushing and taking care of the horse together, a fun obstacle course in our ring or a trail ride for any level even first timers, and a romantic picnic with wine or sparkling cider (can also help setup a proposal).

​Picnic includes: wine, cheese, crackers, grapes, strawberry's with chocolate & of course a beautiful scenery.

​Call or book an appointment online
(7 days a week any time of the day or night)

We are open 7 days a week

year round

If you enjoy 

your ride, 

kiss your horse & tipyour guide!

Date/Group Night
Private Trail min. 2 people 
$40 per person
Public anyone can join in
$30 per person
Date/Group Night
$60 per person you can make it a double date or girls night out! 

Paperwork: Review and sign the Riding Liability Release Form. You can bring a copy to the farm, or you can fill out the paperwork at the farm.

 Attire:Wear comfortable clothes that fit you well. Clothes that are too baggy are not safe as they may become caught on tack or branches. Clothes that are too tight will not be comfortable in the saddle.Wear a shoe or boot with a heel. This is for your safety in the stirrups.Wear long pants, preferably jeans (or breeches, if you have them) ​Remove loose or hanging jewelry such as large earrings or dangly bracelets.

Other Items: Remember sunscreen if you skin type needs it. Most of the trail ride on your horse will be shady, but this is
an outdoor event. In some seasons, an insect repellent such as OFF may be desired.

Some Things to Remember:Come and relax, have fun, and enjoy a piece of time as it once used to be, before all the hustle and chaos of the busy life so many of us are in these days. We may adjust the schedule due to weather or other extreme circumstances, in which another agreed upon date can be used. 

Tips: A lot of our guides are volunteers, Your guide will do their best to make your ride an enjoyable one. Tips are not required, but appreciated if you enjoyed the company and guidance. Now, have a Great Ride!
Prepare for Your Ride - Things to make your ride easier
Trail Rides

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