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Programs tailored to individuals needs

Therapeutic horseback riding creates smiles, laughter, friendship, and healing. Therapeutic Riding Lessons utilize horses to positively influence the well being of people with disabilities. We provide these lessons free to individuals with physical, emotional, cognitive and disabilities.


The benefits of Therapeutic riding can be physically, sensorially, emotionally, cognitively, or socially for individuals. 

The age range of our students varies widely and therapeutic riding lessons are customized to each individual’s needs & abilities. We teach basic horsemanship and riding skills, as well as provide opportunities for social interaction, recreation, sport, & education.

​More than 750 centers in the United States provide recreational therapy, typically in group lessons. A much smaller number provide hippotherapy which is provided by occupational or physical therapists using the horse as a modality. A small number provide equine facilitated mental health, using the horse to foster relationship building and problem solving.

SpiritHorse has developed a research-based program of equine-assisted healthcare, which is has a different goal than that of recreational therapy. It includes, for example, 178 specific steps provided in a one-on-one setting for intervening with its over 200 children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

We are unique in that being a SpiritHorse licensed center is the only large center in America that provides all private therapeutic horseback riding services free of charge in our six programs: Disabilities, Children who are Victims of Abuse/Violence, At-Risk-Youth, Battered Women, Military and Youth After-Drug Rehab.


​We teach many things taught in the school systems to typical kids. For example, we teach those diagnosed with autism how to focus and stay on a specific task through having leading, grooming, and tacking up as part of the lesson. We have seen miraculous breakthroughs with our children when they start performing these tasks.

Equine Assisted Therapy

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