Vendors needed for our Open House May 20

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$75 off Camp, ends May 20

Many Horses for adoption. Lease to own options & payment plans.

For the farm

  • ride on lawn mower
  • plastic folding tables
  • folding chairs
  • canopies between 10x10 & 20x20
  • solar lights
  • carports to use as roof to build barn
  • tool shed
  • landscaping & fencing posts
  • lumber, fence posts
  • wheelbarrow
  • shovels
  • pitch fork
  • screws
  • hammer
  • tools, wrenches screwdrivers, etc..
  • weed wackers
  • chain saw
  • stump grinder
  • portable steps
  • double end snaps
  • 800 ft of braided rope
  • laundry line
  • Bolt Snap 1-1/4 Round Swivel Eye

Activity stations are themed stopping points along the trail that offer students the opportunity to see, hear, smell, touch and talk about the items they encounter

The Sniff and Smell activity station invites students to reach out and open wooden "scent boxes" mounted at rider height, then explore and discuss the fragrant objects within. 
 scent boxes may contain jars of dried beans and other textured items for students to dig through in search of a “prize,” such as a scratch-and-sniff sticker.

Steering activity station features real road signs, several “obstacles,” and varied terrain. Students follow their instructors’ directions to stop, start and steer their horses through the course, which may include such actions as traveling over a bridge, winding around an S-curve, walking through a gravel bed, or halting at a dead end. 

 mimics many real-life situations, such as how a four-way intersection works, how to back out of a parking space (on a horse, no less!), and what yielding means.

variety of sports-inspired activities

target toss, a ball-and-net activity, a foam noodle “wall” to ride through, a tether ball, a golf-ball drop and activities using rings and flags. As with all activity stations, Touch and Try incorporates colors, counting and other developmental concepts at a level appropriate for each student.

The Making Music activity station is a feast for the ears that also helps students improve their coordination, balance, core strength and grasp/release skills. The primary sensory focus is auditory discrimination, which includes conversations about which instruments are loudest/quietest or highest-pitched/lowest-pitched.bells, maracas, drums and several other handheld instruments.

The therapeutic benefits of the Woodland Village are as versatile as the miniature buildings within it. As students open and close the doors—which slide, drop down or swing open depending on the style of the house—they can work on improving their language skills, fine motor coordination, visual scanning and auditory discrimination.

Nature - bugs etc

music by striking a triangle, shaking bells on a stick, hitting the wind chimes, or ringing the bell

ball drop game sensory trail

puzzle board

Ball Drop Game- Balls stored in the mailbox can be dropped into the four pipes and will come out in one of the buckets. This helps with gross motor skills and cognition. The station is built with 4 inch PVC drain pipe. It is suspended from 4x4x12 posts with brackets made from 2x4s

Color Blocks - Child will reach up or stand on horseback to touch the colored blocks. This helps with proprioception, balance and gross motor skills The blocks are made from 2x4x12. A 1/2 inch hole is drilled near the top of each block. They are painted with acrylic paint. They are suspended by chain from a 2x4 attached to a 4x4x12 postFISHING POND GAME This is a child sized fishing pole that can be purchased at most department stores. The fish are made of foam core board. They are about the size of a long letter envelope. Draw and color the fish with sharpie markers. Cut them out with an xacto knife. Screw 2 or 3 - 2 inch screws into the edge of the fish near the mouth so a magnet can pick it up.

Basketball Goals help with sense of balance and gross motor skills. There are three basketball goals on the trail suspended at different heights to accommodate different riders 3w
I used spice containers found at our grocery store by the bulk spices. $1.59 each.  There’s one cotton ball in each container with an essential oil or extract on it. Our scents include:

Vanilla: this one is an oil used for scenting soaps from Hobby Lobby
Cherry:  cherry extract. It smells very much like cherry cough syrup! This one is a give away because it’s red.
Almond: Almond extract or almond oil
Cucumber: Cucumber Melon essential oil
Grapefruit: essential oil
Peppermint: essential oil
Lavender: essential oil

clothes pin in horses hair

   For the horses

  • Vegetable Oil
  • englsh neoprene girths all sizes
  • Western mini horse girths
  • lead lines
  • Halters mini , pony and horse sizes
  • saddle pads English & western
  • Half pads, wither relief
  • english & western saddles
  • bridles
  • loose ring snaffle bits
  • curry combs, brushes for horses
  • detangler
  • buckeye grow n win or safe n easy
  • carrots
  • Grass hay
  • horse dewormer
  • rabbit hay & feed
  • cat food
  • stirrups & stirrup leathers
  • reins


Volunteers, Materials & ideas for sensory trails needed help us and make a difference We can't do it without you

Pics ideas and other items needed  below

Items needed Donate or borrow 

For kids/sensory trail

  • Helmets
  • Trophies & ribbons
  • Arts & craft supplies
  • lots of toys any plastic or rubber toys
  • cars, race tracks
  • cash register, play money
  • pretend stove
  • plastic food
  • farm with toy animals
  • sensory toys and items
  • bird houses for sensory trails
  • scrap wood for sensory trails
  • paint for outdoors any color
  • pvc pipe
  • basket ball hoop
  • pool noodles
  • letters and numbers magnets
  • clothes pins
  • scented oils & candles
  • empty soda bottles
  • musical instruments/toys
  • street signs, stop signs
  • all types of balls
  • plastic containers tissue boxes old baby wipe container
  • stickers, give away prizes