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Rocky is 15.1 hand Gelding (Boy), he was born in 1998. Rocky is a thoroughbred. Rocky was over used and blew out his knees, suprisingly it does not effect him much.Rocky loves being ridden and will go all day, he has the energy of a young horse. Rocky doesnt due well with a lot of running, even though he runs the most in the field! He is great in drill team on trail rides & in lessons. He has a very bouncy trot. Rocky loves trotting once you ask him to trot he wants to keep trotting walking is no longer fun.


Casanova is 16.3 hand Gelding (Boy) was born in 2000. Casanova is a thoroughbred from the track. I rescued him from auction when he was 3, he had a bone chip in his knee, was abused & very scared but sweet. Casanova was my personal show horse and has done it all dressage, hunter, jumper, western, barrels. He was the first horse I rescued and started our program he does it all. He's a big baby and the sweetest, He's a great therapy horse, lesson and trail horse and puts his heart in to it all

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is a miniature horse, Gelding (Boy) he was born in 2005. Cutie Pie was donated form another rescue that got him from auction. Cutie Pie is sweet he use to bite sometimes, we think a small child must have hit him, he would try to bite any child that was face height with him but he has become one of our sweetest therapy horses and now loves the kids but is not a fan of dogs, he especially loves kids with carrots LOL


Dante is a warmblood, Gelding (Boy) at 16.2 hands he was born in 1998. Dante is a very sweet horse that was very spooky and over worked, he came in with joint problems. Dante was a high end show horse. He is now sound, he can be a little stiff at times, but he is one of our calmest horses. He enjoys being in the ring or the trail always slow and kind to anyone who rides him. Dante still has some corks, such as panicking if tied but ground ties nicely he stands patient even when loose. He loves getting attention but when he has had enough he walks to the gate to be put back.




Freckles is a quater horse/Appaloosa is 15.2 hands, Gelding (Boy) he was born in 1998. Freckles is a sweet kind horse with a big heart who has been through a lot, we had a few health scares with him but he is a wonderful horse who was headed for auction. Freckles was very skiddish & nervous when we got him. He is almost completly blind in both eyes, but that doesnt stop him from being a great horse. Freckles loves everyone, is always looking for attention. He is great for therapy, lessons or showing whatever you want to do it he will try his hardest without any hesitantion.


Pumpkin is 12.1 hand pony, Mare (girl), she was born in 2007. Pumpkin came from auction. she was very wormy & unfortunately had a stillborn a week after we got her, she was very skiddish & is still a little funny about new things, but very trusting. she loves being petted & seeks affection. She has come a long way, but being a girl sometimes her personality changes from really sweet to very nervous. she great for pony rides & begginer lessons as long as someone is walking next to her she is brave.

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a miniature horse, Mare (girl) he was born in 2007. Daisy is a very scared pony, She bites and kicks if you approach her to quickly or without calmly talking to her. Once Daisy trusts you she is very sweet, she is great for pony rides and wants to be loved but is nervous of being hit or hurt. I know with time and love she will get better. Over the past 2 years we have seen her she grow everyday.


Rowdy is 15.1 hand quater horse Gelding (Boy), he was born in 1998. Rowdy is a barn favorite. He was in a lesson program but not happy so he came to us, he had some lameness issues, but is sound now & loves his job. Rowdy is the first horse that most lesson & therapy students ride, He is a good size, sweet, & loving. Rowdy likes to make cranky faces at times but really enjoys his work & amazing in our therapy program. He is so patient and gives everyone confidence by listening so well. He puts up with so much but loves the attention


Mystic is 15 hand Mare (girl), she was born in 2008. Mystic is a thoroughbred from the race track. Mystic is still in training has been used in a few of our advanced adult lessons. Mystic is a quick learner but still very nervous. Mystic doesnt like loud noises & spooks easy, when spooked she backs up very quickly. Mystic enjoys learning and trys hard to please you. She is very curious & loving.


Bandit is a sweet appaloosa Mare (girl), she was born in 1995. Bandit is a pony at 14.1 hands. She was donated to us so she wouldn't end up at auction, when the owner couldn't afford her anymore. She was off & on lame, very skidish of people & afraid. It took time but she is now very trusting & sweet. Bandit does pony rides at events, lessons & trail rides. Even though shes older, shes still got spunk


California Girl "Callie" is 14.1 hand halflinger pony, mare (Girl) she was born in 2006. Callie is sweet but sometimes can act like a teenage girl, she gets moody but loves attention. when we got her, her favorite thing to do was spin in circles & back up, sometimes she still thinks she funny & can scare people by doing it. Callie would never hurt anyone! Her favorite thing is Therapy lessons, and Pony Rides She likes lessons, camp, trail rides, when shes in the mood, she prefers jobs where she can walk slowly and be lazy LOL, but she loves the kids


Dillon is a halflinger pony 14 hands, Gelding (Boy) he was born in 2008. Dillon was donated after being rescued from auction, he came in with Tina they are young they were unbroke, did not know how to be ridden. Dillon was very nasty when we first got him would bite or kick at you. Dillon still acts like a kid can be pushy & mouthy but now loves the attention. Dillon will follow you everywhere & demand you pet him & include him in any activity! He is great on the trail. He is still learning, but seems to enjoy it & has done great in the parades & also has joined in on drill team.


Tina is 14 hand halflinger/paint pony, mare (Girl) with blue eyes she was born in 2007. Tina was donated after being rescued from auction, she came in with Dillon they are young they were unbroke, did not know how to be ridden. Tina loves attention is very smart. She is good on the trail She can be a little quick and corky in lessons but a very comfortable. She enjoys showing off in the parades. Tina is a quick learner, she enjoys working and having a job.


Bobby is 15.2 hand Gelding (Boy), he was born in 2008. Bobby is a thoroughbred from the race track, He is sweet & kinda doppy, he's young & still finding his own feet. He is great in drill team & lessons for a young horse he is very patient. He walks fast, but is so patient with my special needs he seems to be calmed by them.


Tucker is 13 hand hackney pony, Gelding (Boy) was born in 2006. Tucker is a sweet pony that loves people and attention. He came in unbroke and very fat pony, He is high strung but sweet loves the kids and riding. He can be a little pushy for attention, great for pony rides and learning to be quieter for lessons. He loves playing, running around & getting dirty thats why we call him Tuck N Roll.

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