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SpiritHorse Founder,

Charles Fletcher

It is very important to me that my clients have a good time, and that they learn safe horse habits and riding skills.  The emphasis is on good basics, developing a good balanced seat, and riding with your seat and not your hands. I don't believe in pressuring. Some students are very serious  about showing, and others just want to be able to have a good time on the trail. It doesn't matter to me- my job is to help each individual reach their goals. As long as they want to have fun doing it.

About Us

“I am the world’s richest man because I get paid in hugs and smiles, the most valuable currency that exists. I love my children and I love my job.”     --- Charles

I became a certified equine healthcare provider to be able to offer equine assisted therapy, so I can share the joy and magic of horses with people who really need that magic.

I have a great job:  the little kids getting their first lesson filled with such excitement, enthusiasm and joy; the adult learner just starting, gaining comfort and confidence with each lesson; the competitor progressing, improving, reaching goals & experiencing success; the green horses gaining confidence in their new role; the race horse coming off the track relearning how to be a horse & flourishing in their new job; actually getting in the show ring myself and having a great time with one of my horses; and of course walking in the field being warmly greeted by very content, happy, and relaxed horses.

In 2001, Charles I. Fletcher at the retired age of 63, combined his passion for horses and his love for children to start SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center.

Aiyana Callaway- Founder

Not everyone is fortunate enough to go to work everyday and do something they absolutely love.  I am one of those people.

No need is too small & no voice is too quiet to be heard.

Our Mother Company Spirithorse International

We will devote the time & energy necessary to help every person & horse we can.

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A study by a leading medical school recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal for Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showed that we moved 24 severely autistic children to mild autism and one to non-autistic in just six months of intervention with our research-based, award-winning methods.The statistical analysis of the blinded measurements rated the improvement as "Significant".

The study was also published by the National Institutes of Health in their review PubMed in January 2012. The study has been published in 10 other publications that provide the latest news of intervention with autism. We believe this to be the first study of intervention in autism with blinded measurements and statistical analysis.

Other studies have been found to be based upon anecdotal information. A study by Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, soon to be published in a European peer-reviewed medical journal showed identical statistical results and of 47 children who measured on the autism spectrum, 9 children measured in blinded Childhood Autism Rating Scale measurements as “Non-Autistic”.